Wednesday, April 30, 2014

days 26-30, the final days

traces of tears down care-worn cheeks
dark circles from the insomnia of exhausted weeks
struggling for breaths in grips of panic
laughs that ride on the edge of manic
waking from nightmares dripping with sweat
living in terror of unknown threat

rising to find a new source of hope
being caught before tripping down that slope
happiness rises from a deeper soul
finding once more a heart that's whole
free from the past

there I stand
arms about the two
I loved more than life
and brought me down so low
we smile
and for that shining moment
I'm happy
for once they do not make me 

plucked off rooftops
fast-rising waters
zigzag through the flooded streets
highway collapsed
cars submerged
neighborhoods were inundated
water up to his shins
stranded travelers
violent storm system

sun peaking through
cloud-laden skies
smell of spring
breaking past weeks of sighs
face raised
to catch the falling rain
washing away weeks of cold
and years of pain

goodbye to the person 
who was never loved
that fell between cracks
bitterly overlooked
a voice unheard
a face unseen
never again will you be

Friday, April 25, 2014

day 24 & 25, masonry & anaphora


towering walls built of doubt
and fear
impenetrable by all who sought 
to climb
and then one came
who saw the problem a different way
light found its way through
the cracks that he made
mortar crumbled
countless bricks fell
and the broken princess
freed from her chains
burnt it to the ground


one step more toward the goal
one step more through pain
one step more but back this time
one step more through grief
one step more, you see the end
one step more but just another road that bends
one step more till steps seem futile 
one step more relief a dream
one step more the dream's a lie
one step more until goodbye

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

day 23, mistranslation

Retrato de Uma Princesa Desconhecida

Para que ela tivesse um pescoco tao fino
Para que os seus pulsos tivessem um quebrar de caule
Para que os seus olhos fossem tao frontais e limpos
Para que a sua espinha fosse tao direita
E ela usasse a cabeca tao erguida
Com uma tao simples claridade sobre a testa
Foram necessarias sucessivas geracoes de escravos
De corpo dobrado e grossas maos pacientes
Servindo sucessivas geracoes de principes
Ainda um pouco toscos e grosseiros
Avidos crueis e fraudulentos

Foi um imenso desperdicar de gente
Para que ela fosse aquela perfeicao
Solitaria exilada sem destino

Retract the One Princess Desired

For she he temptation one penny too fine
For she of sweet pulse temptation one quells the calm
For she of sweet lips falser too face and limb
For she it is spun false too direct
And he uses it cabled too dear
With one too simply clear sedate it tests
All needed success gave the craving
The group brave and large most pacient
Serving success gave the lead
Appeals one little toast and largely
Appears cruel and false

Feel one great despair the man
For she he false accuses perfection
Lonely exiled their destiny

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

day 18-22

rubaiyat of monotony

rotates again the sun
another futile battle won
sleep to wake and start again
a work that's never done

sky is blue
nothing new
count to ten
find a you that's true

soul begins to glow
invisible parts start to show
monotony breaks
the world can grow



trapped beneath
a heavy bonnet of grief
sighing below
the incised moon's glow
the sparse dove weeps
an unfeeling world sleeps
the unequal bittersweet wells
as you break free from its shell


mother's voice

quiet exit
full of praise
so different than the life you lead
vituperative shouts
whiskey breath
shotgun in stomach
a child's unheard screams


to a lost child

a fantasy girl
living with California dreams
believed love would exist
like in Hollywood scenes
crimson lips long to be kissed
body yearns to be close
breathing in dangerous wind
mistaking excitement for passion
losing self
to forced intimacy's
foolish haze


wish for the small

that your life would not be free
from strife
but always there's a hand
to comfort your battered one
that you suffer heartache
and joy of finding
your missing piece
that you witness injustice
so you know how
to be kind
and you never grow to old
for me

Thursday, April 17, 2014

day 17, sensory images

woodsy smoke burns eyes
and nose
its warmth pushing back
on autumn chill
grass between bare toes
sweet and charred mallow 
sticks fast 
gentle laughter
beaming smiles
pervading love
of friends

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

days 11-16, more bang for your buck

It's been a bit of a crazy week what with sickness, homework, work, mom visits, and a super social Sunday. I've been looking at the prompts every day and creating these babies in my head but every day I seem to run out of time to actually sit down at the computer and type them out. So now you get six for the price of one. 

wine and feelings

a heady bouquet of wine
and you
no cloudy cloying
but elegant depth
full and lively
that could mellow
to something rounded
and sweet
but left to its own devices
leaves a bitter 



literary reference to time is abundant
time has a rich history
sold in glass bottles
and sealed with cork
time's aroma comes from volatile compounds
individual flavors that may be detected
subtle differences in color, palate, nose, body,
and development
the psychoactive effects of time 
are evident
closely associated with blood
spreading culturally westward
high-quality time improves
with age



bane of wood sweeps
land to land
sleep of the sword
near at hand
the swan-road dark
with slaughter-dew
the glory of elves
over a new you



would you laugh or sneer?
would you fail to hear?
would you understand?
would you hold my hand?
would you leave?
would you grieve?
would you stay?
would it cause you dismay?
would it make you thrill?
would you love me still?
no more


terza rima

lights go down
curtains rise
trying not to drown

beautiful lies
torn from the page
imagining I see your eyes

trapped in this cage
missing your face
blinded by wounded rage

no more trace
of your beaming smile
gone to another place

enduring this trial
an ever bleeding heart
that never can heal this while



mired in past and present failure
afraid to step out of the door
trembling legs 
shaking voice 
invisible girl
lowered eyes
somehow unworthy of love
cripplingly shy
one more lie
I taught myself to be

Thursday, April 10, 2014

day 10, the secrets we keep

secret lovers
untold love
unattainable dreams

unsung triumph
battles fought
the strength we have inside

the things we have lost
the bruises we hide
the scars that no one can see

the silence we never can't keep