Saturday, November 8, 2014

hot sauce

red stains on the wall,
reminder of a shattered
kool-aid on the floor.
his unpredictable
stale liquor on his breath.
another violent retaliation
for an unforgiveable offense.
spoiled hot sauce in the trash,
shattered glass upon the floor.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

self loathing

the hatred he felt
for the way he was born
sparkled in the droplets
of blood
welling up in the half-moon tears
up and down her arms.
scar tissue
in the depth of a soul
too young
to comprehend his pain was not
her fault.
when his own blood
splattered hotel walls
she understood
and commemorates his pain
with love
in ink
where he’d left it
so many years

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

a revision from last week and a cento


wrapped in warmth
of sunlight reflected
in the fire of her

you can almost
the salty ocean foam
ebbing along
now unsullied shores.

bouquet of island flowers;
over sweet
and impure.
too fleeting to last.

like him.

from Matt Rasmussen's Black Aperture

openly, unashamed

swabbed clean

my coat pockets were full of ash.

it melts into puddles the color
of whatever hovers above

and let the space I free up 
remain vacant

like empty and elegant suits

filling every shadow
blowing the dark open.

and I wrote this,
and this.

an echo of the other

a red voice urging

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

poetry class

Since I'm currently taking a poetry class this quarter, I've decided I'm going to post everything I'm working on in and for class just to keep myself accountable to the high standards that the professor expects.


wrapped in warmth of sunlight
reflected in the fire of her hair.
you can almost hear the salty ocean foam
ebbing along the now unsullied sand.
the scent of island flowers,
over sweet and impure 
and too fleeting to last.
like him.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Dear gump:
Your iron-pincered grip
And wicked, sneering eyes,
Your cruelty and
                          her pain
Obscure memories of happy days.
While others wept
And sang your unearned praise,
I held her hand and felt nothing
                                      but hate.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

days 26-30, the final days

traces of tears down care-worn cheeks
dark circles from the insomnia of exhausted weeks
struggling for breaths in grips of panic
laughs that ride on the edge of manic
waking from nightmares dripping with sweat
living in terror of unknown threat

rising to find a new source of hope
being caught before tripping down that slope
happiness rises from a deeper soul
finding once more a heart that's whole
free from the past

there I stand
arms about the two
I loved more than life
and brought me down so low
we smile
and for that shining moment
I'm happy
for once they do not make me 

plucked off rooftops
fast-rising waters
zigzag through the flooded streets
highway collapsed
cars submerged
neighborhoods were inundated
water up to his shins
stranded travelers
violent storm system

sun peaking through
cloud-laden skies
smell of spring
breaking past weeks of sighs
face raised
to catch the falling rain
washing away weeks of cold
and years of pain

goodbye to the person 
who was never loved
that fell between cracks
bitterly overlooked
a voice unheard
a face unseen
never again will you be

Friday, April 25, 2014

day 24 & 25, masonry & anaphora


towering walls built of doubt
and fear
impenetrable by all who sought 
to climb
and then one came
who saw the problem a different way
light found its way through
the cracks that he made
mortar crumbled
countless bricks fell
and the broken princess
freed from her chains
burnt it to the ground


one step more toward the goal
one step more through pain
one step more but back this time
one step more through grief
one step more, you see the end
one step more but just another road that bends
one step more till steps seem futile 
one step more relief a dream
one step more the dream's a lie
one step more until goodbye